Internet Marketing Tips – Which Are the Legitimate Internet Businesses and Which Are Not?

Many people get confused between legitimate Internet businesses and scams or get rich quick programs. This is often due to a lack of education in the main society and in the media in general. But here is the truth – there are scams and there legitimate Internet businesses. You must to learn to differentiate them if you are serious about making an income online.

Firstly, you must create your own website if you’re serious about starting an Internet business. If anybody promises that you will create a full-time income through a ‘turnkey’ website, run. Most of those turnkey websites have been sold many times over and there are thousands of people ending up with the same sites.

Now, affiliate marketing is one viable way of making money online. You promote other people’s products and get paid commissions if you make a sale. But the best affiliate marketers have their own websites and their own lists where they can promote different affiliate products at will. The key is in control of your business and your income.

Other make money online opportunities like paid surveys and paid-to-click emails are actually viable ways to make money online. But beware though, some of these sites often put off payment for various reasons. If you do online surveys, for example, there is often a payment threshold that you will need to meet, which means you might not get paid for months. Also, the income that you can make from these opportunities is often limited to at most a few hundred dollars a month.